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Meet Wilson

Step into the future of healing and mental well-being with our upcoming groundbreaking innovation. Unveiling soon is an extraordinary, tech-infused tool that redefines the very essence of mental health support

Some features include:


AI-driven, personalized healing plans 


Innovative and Interactive Progress Tracking


Gamified Elements enhancing motivation and adherence to the healing journey


A transformative adventure that reshapes the landscape of mental health care


Progressive Personalized Emotional Health Resources


Personalized Goal Setting and Achievement

Answer the call

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of my life? Have you felt debilitated by your early childhood pain and memories? 

Find your Big P

Here are AH-HA Healing we believe that every single person has the ingredients and the exact recipe to unlock their true potential and calling. We call this the Big P. The moment in time flanked by two corresponding dates that make up your Golden Triangle. 

Remember the Bermuda Triangle? How would planes disappear when they flew through this space? I wondered if everyone had within themselves a golden triangle where we may have got lost but by only returning to the Big P could we uncover our lost treasure?

Are you ready to discover your Big P? Do you ever wonder what is the true purpose of your life? 

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Uncover your hidden treasure


Watch this short video on the AH-HA Theory


Learn about the Golden Triangle here


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Want to dive further ?

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Book a free 30-minute session to learn about our full 12-step process


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The wait for a successful therapeutic model is almost over...


We are looking for testers to ASK WILSON, so Wilson can learn from your interactions, experiences and insights!

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Who and What is Wilson

Here to disrupt the casual/normal/conventional therapy process


Wilson is a groundbreaking solution aimed at addressing the mental health crisis faced by young adults grappling with multiple vices like anxiety, porn addiction, cannabis use, excessive social media usage, isolation, video game addiction, and aggressive behavior. Traditional therapeutic approaches have fallen short, leading to a growing number of individuals left untreated and therapists experiencing burnout.


Wilson is a proprietary AI Emotional Fitness coach designed to revolutionize emotional healing. By processing vast amounts of data simultaneously, Wilson surpasses human capabilities in understanding complexity. Wilson integrates psychobehavioral theories, academic disciplines, and our proven Ahava program's 12-step model with advanced mathematical algorithms, learning models, statistical data, and neuroscience insights.


What sets Wilson apart is its ability to swiftly analyze individual needs and tailor personalized action plans in real-time. By considering each client's unique circumstances and evolving health status, Wilson delivers timely interventions to foster emotional well-being effectively - improving the emotional fitness of millions of people at any given time.

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