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Meet the team and everything about us


AH-HA Healing is a company dedicated to guiding individuals on their healing journey, transforming their pain into purpose. We firmly believe that everyone possesses the capacity to overcome their struggles and harness their pain as a gift to humanity at large. The AH-HA Healing team is committed to assisting individuals in achieving this transformation.

Our AHAVA 12-Step program aims to address the global epidemic of emotional pain experienced by 99% of individuals.  This widespread issue results in an injured innate system of empathy, delayed gratification, and codependency addiction.

We want to Empower individuals to understand, address, and overcome

emotional pain, leading to improved emotional well-being and personal growth

Meet our Founder/CEO

Janice Taylor

Janice Taylor is an acclaimed tech pioneer, social tech entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, online safety advocate, healing mentor, investor, mother, and advisor. Her remarkable achievements have earned her recognition as one of Oprah Winfrey's top 150 tech pioneers, a testament to her innovative contributions.

Janice's area of expertise lies in uncovering the root causes of emotional pain with her own theory and 12 step modality. With over two decades of experience spanning psychology, tech start-ups, business, motivational speaking, and entrepreneurship, Janice has channeled her insights into the creation of Ah-ha Healing.

Meet the ah-ha healing team


Matthew Johnston

President of AH-HA Healing

Ahava Social Media Post Design-11.png

Daniela Concheso

Head of Marketing and Social Media


Kristy Kilcup

Head of Business Development


Christina Dostie

Chief of Staff

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